TP-Link Archer and TL Series Routers.

TP-Link has now launched a new era of routers which are insanely fast and provide reliable long-range connectivity to users across the world. Tp-Link Archer series is the latest series of routers for example- Tplink archer 5400, Tplink archer 5400x and TPlink AC 4000. All these routers are designed to boost your existing Wi-Fi signals as compared to 25% on all available bands.  Tplink archer series routers are developed and designed with eight set of antennas to give wider coverage.  These routers are made for games with super fast connectivity. Let’s discuss the Tplink AC5400, Tplink AC5400x and Tplink AC 4000. Firstly we will pay attention to the Tplink Archer C5400. We can use the same webpage and to setup the router.

Tplink Archer C5400.

With one of the latest technology of advanced Nitro QAM (1024 QAM) and 4 stream technology is used to design this wonderful router. This technology increases the efficiency and W-Fi speed of all frequency bands. And you can achieve speed up to 5334 Mbps. Now get the additional information about this Tplink Archer C5400 series in detail.

  • Speed.

Tplink Archer C5400 router is designed to deliver Tri-band Wi-Fi speed up to 5334 Mbps. Now it will be easy for you to dedicate an entire band for gaming use without even interrupting or slowing down the whole network. With Archer series router you can get the fastest connectivity via Smart connect APP.

  • Performance.

Archer series routers are enabled with Nitro QAM and 4 stream support to get maximum Wi-Fi speed. Archer C5400 works on this latest technology and allows 2.4 GHz bands and 5.0 GHz band which can provide the leading speed up to 1000 Mbps and 2167 Mbps respectively.

  • MU-MIMO Technology.

Tplink Archer C5400 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router generates the fastest wireless signals which help the device to give an optimal performance by creating the fastest wireless connectivity. This router can provide 4 set of data streams and can connect all devices at a time.

  • Range and efficiency.

Archer C5400 router is lass with 8 antennas which work on beamforming technology and can be used to detect the connected devices. These antennas are so powerful and can concentrate signals towards the devices connected over the WI-Fi channels.

  • Processing Architecture.

Tplink Archer C5400 is designed with one of the most powerful processors with 1.4 GHz CPU which is interconnected with three distinct co-processors.  These processors are capable to perform different tasks and application at a time without any hassle.
  • Fast Wired Connection.

Tplink Archer C5400 is designed to share large file sharing and you can connect external hard drives via USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Now experience the smooth gaming and streaming with Gigabit Ethernet ports.

TP-Link AC5400 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router.

Tplink AC 5400 MU-MIMO triband gaming router is one of the best of its type.  This router is entirely dedicated to gaming use. As the name suggests this router is designed with tri-band with 3 core- processors and 1 GB RAM. Now you can experience the super-fast or say it ultra-blazing speed up to 5334 Mbps. This is router is different from the above discussed tplink AC5400 Wi-Fi router as it has a VPN acceleration feature which provides the 5 times faster VPN connection. Let’s talk about the specific feature of the gaming router from TP-Link.

  • Superfast Processing Speed.

Whenever we are playing the game we require the fastest processing power, and to complete this requirement Tplink has created this battle-tested router with 1.8 GHz processor which include 64-bit quad core process including 3 co-processors. Now execute all your applications smoothly and play your games without any interruptions.

Lag Free Performance of your router.

Tplink Archer C5400x Mu-MIMO router is designed to deliver a lag-free performance which completely eradicating your gaming experience on the new level. This router comes with dynamic optimization which detects the gaming traffic by its own and performs accordingly.

  • Tri bands with highest Wi-Fi speed.

This Tplink archer c5400x router is designed to generate three Wireless bands for streamlined performance. Now you have the freedom to dedicate a single band for only gaming traffic and other two bands can be used for home-related uses like data transfer, internet surfing or any other. Tplink Archer c5400 generates two bands of 5 GHz and 5400Mbps speed, 2167 Mbps and one more with the 2.4GHz band with 1000Mbps speed.

  • Complete Security.

Tplink Archer c5400X is designed to defend your devices from any malicious threats that can sneak through random downloads and unknown file sharing. This router is lass with future called “TP-Link HomeCare”, which is powered by Trend Micro™ and can protect all your device from any cyber threats or attack.

Tplink AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router.

Tplink Archer C4000 is another next-gen router from the house of world’s best router manufacturer.  This Tplink AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router can run any connection with top speed because it has a most powerful 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU.

Tplink AC4000 tri-band Wi-Fi router is designed to deliver up to 1625 Mbps on both the frequency bands- 5 GHz band and 750 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

  • To cover the distant devices it has one advance feature Range Boost and the other technology of beamforming can be used for maximum wireless signal coverage and more network reliability.
  • This C-series router from tplink can connect multiple devices and enhance performance with Multi-User MIMO. Now you can also get Airtime Fairness and Smart Connect like features which are useful for many other advance use.
  • With this wireless router, you can now protect your wireless network from any intruders, online viruses and malware. This tplink archer c4000 comes with advanced Wi-Fi encryption and antivirus security to give you the maximum security from any kind of threats.
  • Now you can also manage, limit and monitor the complete internet use with many functional controls with which you can customize the entire Wi-Fi access for all family members according to their needs.
  • This Archer series router also gives you the double wired connection speeds which can vary from 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps.
  • To set up your Wi-Fi in a few minutes and to manage your wireless network you can use the TP-Link Tether app.
  • Now you can get Maximizes Performance and can also connect additional devices with your wireless router. This Tplink Archer C4000 MU-MIMO router keeps your Wi-Fi signal fast for each and every device so that you can stay connected with your tasks.
  • The most advanced feature of Multi-User MIMO and Airtime Fairness can distribute the dedicated wireless signal streams to all devices at the same speed. With this router, you can enable the Smart Connect Through connection App and it will keep every device on the best suitable band for excellent performance.1.

After the features and specifications let’s talk about the Tplink archer C5400 login and set up process. To understand the process read the following steps.

Tplink Archer C 5400 Set up and login process.

To complete the setup process you need to follow the below given steps and you can understand the complete process of Tplink Archer series login and Tplink archer series set up process.

  • First, you need to place the router horizontally and extend the antennas to the maximum angle.
  • Your wrong antenna direction and position can affect the performance of the router so be careful while adjusting the antennas.
  • Now turn off the modem and remove the existing backup battery.
  • Once done with the above then connect the Wi-Fi modem to the existing internet port on your tplink router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Then you have to turn on the modem, and then continue to wait about 2 minutes for it to restart.
  • After the above please turn on your tplink archer series router.
  • Now you have to verify that the LEDs are on and stable condition before continuing with any configuration process.

Method 1: Wired

To do the wired method you have to turn off the Wi-Fi on your PC or laptop and you need to connect the ethernet cable from your modem to your router.

Method 2: Wirelessly

To do the same setup wirelessly you have to connect your router with the SSID (Network Name) and Wireless Password/PIN which is printed at the bottom of the router.

To complete the set up you can also use the third methods which is called as WPS method. In this method you have to use the WPS button Wireless devices that support WPS, which can also be including any Android phones, tablets, or USB network cards, they can be connected to your wireless router through this method.

TP-Link Archer series router login.

TP-Link Archer series router login process can be stated forward using two different processes – wired and the wireless method.

Wired Process

The wired process can be discussed forward with an Ethernet cable which is connected from the wireless router to the PC or Laptop.

Wireless Process

We can process the wireless connection by entering the SSID wireless network name and password to login to the network. A wireless connection, however, is not recommended because it is not reliable during the setup process.

The steps to log in to TP-Link router login IP page are as follows:

  • Step 1: Check all the antennas provided with the router are connected to the router.
  • Step 2: Now remove the power of the modem and disconnect it from the network.
  • Step 3: After step 2, connect the given Internet port of TP-Link ac5400router to the LAN port of the modem.
  • Step 4: Then reconnect the power adapter of both the router and the modem
  • Step 5: Once power is connected then verify that all LEDs are blinking which indicate that the router is working perfectly.
  • Step 6: Now you to start a web browser on your computer or Laptop and enter the web address and in the address bar then press enter to reach on TP-Link router login page.
  • Step 7: Here TP-Link wireless router password is needed to be entered Also enter the default username in order to log in to the web-based setup page of the TP-Link router. Both the TP-Link router username and password is admin.

You have now successfully completed the login into the TP-Link router login IP page. These are the common steps and work majorly for all the TP-Link archer routers.